“May weddings” continue

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As we mentioned, May has been a busy Wedding Month for us.

One of our favourites was Rebecca’s Wedding. Just another New Jersey Wedding for Limelight Floral Design.

Rebecca has been a most gracious bride, giving us full green light at designing her wedding flowers. In a note she left to us she says that working with us was a true pleasure. What we need to add to that is that working with Rebecca was a true pleasure for us as well.

Rebecca’s theme was Pop Art and her means of expression rounded up into a polka dotted black and white wedding. Due to the bride’s nature, I felt that we should keep it as feminine, playful and jovial as we could.

Bridal Bouquet

Red and black bridal bouquet


Bridal bouquet handle detail

The bride wore a simple Charlotte rose bouquet in a perfect dome adorned with surprisingly playful polka dotted bows on a white silk ribbon background.

bridal maids

Bridesmaids bouquets

Rebecca’s bride’s maids wore white Avalanche rose bouquets that repeated the polka dotted scheme. To keep it surprising, feminine and unique, each of the bouquet got a different design. We call this variations on the same theme.

To finish the theme, we launched 300 balloons to float on the dancing floor. Using balloons at a wedding can be a dangerous concept since the line between sublime and ridiculous can become almost invisible. I do believe thought that this was a good style although we can not even say that the idea was ours. It was Rebecca’s idea but we were delighted to get to lounch her idea.

Reception hall

Black and white wedding baloons above dance floor


For more pictures of our weddings go to

http://www.limelightfloral.com or contact us at info@limelightfloral.com

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