June romance


June is a special month. It has a certain delicacy to it. It is the month of Delphinium and Godetia, the month when spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils fade in order to make room to the summery Sweet Williams, Snap Dragons and Sun Flowers. It is also the month when Daisies and Irises come out, when the flower market becomes covered in figs, blue berries and coffee beans.

June in Connecticut is all about colonial romanticism.

This is T.’s wedding on a rainy day in Westport. We have traveled to this place in December to take a look and decide on the flowers. And we are glad we did. The entire party went through several shapes before we reached this one. From glass bubble balls to silver urns, from short white votive candles to Victorian crystal candle holders, this wedding has been thoroughly adapted to its set to complement and compliment this Country Inn Colonial look.

Card table

The card table arrangement is designed in a monochromatic monofloral fashion. It contains tall Dutch Delphinium and large Hosta leaves. Its vertical line complements the narrow passage into the reception hall while the flowers chosen for the arrangement make a bold statement, yet preserve the romantic set of a colonial garden.

hydrangea centerpiece  

Reception hall

This setting of white linens, china sets and crystal setting evokes ideal country scenes. Dark blue Hydrangeas imported from South America especially for this event offer a strong focal point for the guests. The containers and candle holders make a smooth and lush transition between the botanical and the table setting.

bridal bouquet

A subtle modern note was brought by the Bridal Party flowers which were all white and cream miniature Callas.

One thing that we have noticed about T. is that she used http://www.honeymoonwishes.com for her honeymoon. On this site one can organize an entire honeymoon, or at least bits and pieces and have the guests buy them the services just the way they would buy out of a gift registry. They will not book your vacation; instead, the company mails you a check with all the funds you’ve collected.

There are more weddings coming our way this summer and we can’t wait to be able to share them with you.

For more pictures of our weddings go to

http://www.limelightfloral.com or contact us at info@limelightfloral.com

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