Where inspiration comes from


Sometimes, when you think that nothing out there in the bridal floral design world can surprise you anymore, something enchanting comes to dazzle you.

After looking through all the books out there, looking for inspiration both for me and my brides, too often migrating towards European sources such as Wedding Flowers, I finally found something purely American that brings out what the floral design generation represents on this continent. And this glorious magazine is called Bride and Bloom.

It is a very young publication but as anything young around us, Bride and Bloom has unique ambition and the dynamics to succeed. And after only 4 editions they managed to feature one of the most widely recognised floral design extraordinaires and one of our favourite designers and inspirations, Preston Bailey.

Unlike any other magazine on weddings, Bride and Bloom focuses exclusively on Wedding Decor, mainly on Floral Decor. They will not only feature bouquets, the way Wedding Flowers does, but entire concepts in a sustainable context.

And if you will ever find your own taste and colors in this magazine, please do not hesitate to bring a clipping to our appointment because we can certainly make your drem come true.

For ideas and packages, check our website and limelightfloral.com.

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