A dozen roses deep


This year, 70% of my New Jersey Brides are monochromatic while 30% of them use two or three colors.

 A monochromatic arrangement for your wedding table with Limelight Floral Design is far from being simple or monochromatic as a matter of fact. We are playing with textures, using a number of flowers to bring visual interest in the piece and most importantly, we use shades and light spots to break the monotony of a monochromatic pattern.

Sometimes thought, a modern bride will come along and opt to have a perfect dome of deep red roses for her centerpiece. A bouquet of exclussive Cymbidium orchids or a sleek hand tied bouquet of white Callas.

Here is an August wedding for which we used 1000 Black Magic Roses:


Red roses altar decorationWhite calla lily bouquet

Also, this year we’ve noticed an increased use of Calla Lilies as sole choice for a bridal bouquet:


White calla bridal bouquet

White calla bridal bouquet

For our designs and more information, visit http://www.limelightfloral.com.

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