What’s cool next year

Light Blue Hydrangea

Light blue hydrangea availble year round when imported from South America. A local bloomer in May and August.

Blue Hydrangea

A more delicate hydrangea, great drinker, almost impossible to use in free standing bouquets due to need for water.

Dark Blue Hydrangea

This hydrangea can either come in smaller size in May and June from local Jersey farms or it can come in jumbo sizes year round straight from Holland.

Blue flower

This size and color can only describe Dutch delphinium which can be found almost year round.

Light Blue Flower

This is a light delphinium, not as dramatic as the rest. It can be found locally during blooming season such as spring towards mid summer.

Dark Blue Flower

With the size and color of the bloom as well as length of the stalk, this delphinium is always imported from oversees.


Light blue iris


Blue iris

dark iris

Dark blue iris



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