Spring Thoughts

After meeting with so many brides these past weeks, it is getting quiet and I get to look over what is coming towards us this year in terms of styles.

Here are some of the color and flower trends that we will be working with this year:

1. Strong, Bold and Mixed Flower Palettes : Indeed, this year doesn’t seem to be one of monocolor, monofloral designs. It is the year of texture and complementary colors.

Orange + Electric Pink + Lime, Purple + Magenta + Lime, Orange + Eggplant+ Gold.


 Eggplant and Magenta Bridal Bouquet 

Orange and Brown Centerpiece

Orange and Brown Centerpiece


2. These are not going to be your usual roses either. Brides are going daring for branches, orchids and carnations. Yes, carnations are coming back with a big Boom and they find their place in large grouping next to royal cymbidiums and phalaenopsis.


3. Colors became luxurious names such as chocolate, mocca, eggplant, gold, copper and velvet.

I trust that this year will be a full of color  and dazzling one just like last year treated us and our designs.


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