Glory of Autumn – The Restaurant Hackensack

I would like to share today some pictures from this weekend’s wedding, which, to our delight, brought indoors the wonderful spirit of autumn together with it’s branches, daisies and its beautiful, warm colors. The wedding took place at The Restaurant, in Hakensack, and although it was celebrated in the middle of the day, it got to use beautiful, heavy candle light due to the architectural characteristics of the building.

Gold, orange, red wedding centerpiece

Autumn wedding arch indoors
A square arch framed with autumn maple leaves and draped with organza was placed in the room together with a wide white runner lined with rose petals and natural autumn leavesas well as pillar candles.
gold red and orange garden wedding centerpiece

Working with The Restaurant was an absolute pleasure and we will always be very happy to return for 2010 events.

One thought on “Glory of Autumn – The Restaurant Hackensack

  1. I am the Aunt of the Bride for that Sunday’s wedding at The Restaurant. I was completely blown away at how stunningly beautiful everything was. All of guest never stopped talking about the floral arrangements, and were taking tons’s of photos of themselves at the archway. It was a very professionally done job, and will always bring smiles to our faces whenever we look at their wedding album.


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