Candle Light Romance – Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

I met Hailey for the first time just three months before her wedding, so we needed to put together a concept for her wedding decor in a very short time. Nevertheless, it came out splendid, just splendid, and Dante Williams was again the fantastic photographer to catch this wedding on his lens.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens wedding
One of the boards made by Dante Williams. I love his talent and his care for details.

You can see more pictures of this wedding on Dante’s Blog. We also enjoyed working with Always a Bridesmaid on this wedding. Their team was on top of everything on the day of the event and I felt that this celebration was in really good hands. And with Brooklyn Botanic Gardens as the hosts, what could go wrong?

And here are some pictures of the wedding  flowers as they were about to leave our studio on Saturday morning.
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens bouquet

The Bridal Bouquet was comprised of pink, magenta and lavender blooms, keeping with the autumn feel.

Booklyn Botanic Gardens centerpiece

The centerpieces were comprised of glass vases with floating candles and submerged orchids.

Brooklyn Botanic gardens wedding
I can not believe that the year is almost done. One more event in our calendar, and we will be ready to celebrate the coming of the New Year. From the looks of it, 2010 will be much busier that 2009, and with all the love around us, we are already rolling our sleeves and setting dozens of appointments for next year events.

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