Winter Inspirations – Deborah Silver – Dirt Simple

Image of Detroit Garden Homes, Deborah Silver and Co.

I always look around to see what everyone else is doing. Yes, indeed, we are all looking around and we should. Whether it is magazines, websites and blogs, we should all look around for inspiration.

As I was looking around today, I have found an absolutely amazing designer, Deborah Silver or Deborah Silver and Co.  located in Sylvan Lake, Michigan, and I would love to share with you a couple of their inspired twists to Holiday Decorating.

Deborah humbly declares herself to have been a gardener for 24 years and an artist for even longer, but my personal opinion is that she has pretty much been a secret genius of the floral design world.

This wreath might be a little bit complicated to make in your house if you do not have a Magnolia Tree around. But just imagine how simple, clean and Baroque this would look on your mantle.

Credit photo to Deborah Silver of Deborah Silver and Co

A simple died wood shaving wreath. A possible DIY in your own Santa Shop and an astounding idea sporting all the good things that you might believe in: organic, recycled, home made.

Credit Photo to Deborah Silver and Co. /Dirt Simple Blog

Credit photo to Deborah Silver of Deborah Silver and Co.

Yes, there is no shame in looking into your neighbour’s yard, especially if you have something to learn from them:)

Make sure to visit Deborah’s blog and website and if you are in Detroit, get in the car and pay her a visit. Oh, and don’t forget to buy something.  Talented people eat too, you know:)

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