Favourite Venues – Battery Gardens, NYC

Some of my favourite places to design flowers for is The Battery Gardens Restaurant in NYC. Of course, there are many places that we love to work with, but the Battery Gardens environment has always required a subdued, minimalist approach due to it’s amazing views. And why would anyone want to fight such views?

At the very edge of Manhattan, in the middle of the park.

Here are a couple of weddings that we worked on in the past couple of years:Battery Gardens Restaurant bride and groom

The bridal party was able to walk the promenade in the Battery Park and take whimsical pictures against the open landscape of the bay.

Battery Gardens Restaurant wedding

Low centerpieces adorned the tables in a simple and light vision this mid day wedding at Battery Gardens

Battery gardens wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place in the upper room, facing the Statue of Liberty. The decor was simple, understated and gorgeous. One single arrangement in the ceremony can indeed make the difference.

Battery Garden Restaurant wedding collage

This wedding took place in the gorgeous setting of Battery Gardens on a hot summer day. This is a beautiful board that photographer Dante Williams put together.

Battery Gardns outdoors ceremony

Bride and Groom during the ceremony facing Liberty Statue from Battery Park. Thank you Dante Williams for image.

Battery Gardens short centerpiece

Another image of the short, understated, yet shocking centerpieces. This is a different way of approaching the simplicity and understated vision of Battery Gardens.

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