Summer is almost Here – Liberty House Restaurant

Uhh, finally, spring is almost over. I must admit I will miss all the tulips, cherry blossoms and daffodils, but a cascade of peonies and rannunculus is upon us starting May 1st.

And we were so delighted to design a wedding to bring all this together on an April day. This is a wedding at the Liberty House Restaurant just yesterday (we are still cleaning the studio after yesterday’s April madness:).

Our them was a sweet, fairy garden that would be environmentally aware . We used cut flowers such as sweet peas and freesias, while planting succulents and garden Lamb’s ears right into the arrangements.

The bridal bouquet was designed with Israeli Peonies, Dutch Rannunculus and Lavender Freesias.

Photo by Erica Lyn Photography

Gorgeous bridal portrait by Erica Lyn

Bridesmaids held small bouquets of Tibet roses, Button Mums and Freesias.

Moms held tinny nosegay bouquets of white Rannunculus and fern.

Superb pictures of the ceremony from Erica Lyn Photography

Not enough words to describe this feeling.

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