The Movie Palace Wedding – Loew’s Jersey City

Loew's theater

Imagine entering  the brass doors of this building in the middle of urban jungle. Your name, written in light above the street  in the middle of a square of with waves and waves of glistening light bulbs. You are a 1920 star.

Inside, the foyer is a palace. Each inch of each wall is covered in gold floral motifs, enormous chandeliers seemingly hanging from beyond space itself. You enter the theater, where under the cathedral style dome, your guests wait for you to take the stage in plush red velvet seats. The golden walls of 100 years of history will hear your wedding vows in the middle of Jersey City, NJ, at Loew’s Theater “the most lavish temple of entertainment in New Jersey”, as it was known in 1929 when it opened at the cost of two million dollars. That used to be a lot of money back then.

Jersey City Florist

This glamorous space deserved nothing but the fashion of old Hollywood. Ostrich feather centerpieces did just that.

Slender tall Eiffel Towers vases filled with crystal water bursting in a cascade of white femme ostrich feathers for the tables.

A boa of roses and orchids traversing the cake.

The bride held a beautiful bouquet of sweet pink roses and astonishing Dutch peonies with a collar of white ostrich feathers.

Photography by GLK Creative.

To find more about this space visit Choosing to have their event in this absolutely fabulous space is not only the most gorgeous and stylish decision Lucy and Wally could ever make, but also the most generous donation to a space run by volunteers who are trying to restore the glamor and social significance of this landmark.

Picture by GLK Creative, Montclaire, NJ.

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