Summer Glory – Shadowbrook, NJ

One of the greatest pleasures of a June wedding is to be able to have an outdoors ceremony, cocktails on the lawn and a beautiful array of flowers to chose from for your wedding day.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to design a splendid wedding which featured all the sweet and hot colors of summer. The bride asked us to work with the colors that the Shadowbrook was already featuring in their garden, so we went wild and chose pinks, oranges and red to match the superb rose bushes around the ceremony garden.

A gorgeous arch of foliage and roses welcomed the bride at the end of a thick petal aisle.

Inside, a carpet of wheat grass held the escort cards and flying gerberas.

The bridal bouquet was comprised of 20 red peonies, roses and orchids, while bridesmaids held colorful bouquets to match their blue dresses.

Blue orchids on the cake to remind everyone of their high school romance.

The bridal table featured dozens of colorful, lush roses.

A couple of pictures from Blooming Studios Photography.

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