Wedding Bash – Liberty House Restaurant

Last weekend we had the opportunity of designing a splendid wedding at Liberty House Restaurant. Huge pleasure to work again with Dante Williams and Exquisite Affairs Productions.

Jersey city florist
I love this picture study of the preparation.

Liberty House wedding
Boy oh boy it was hot that day.

Guests were welcomed to the reception by a tall, gorgeous white arrangement which set the tone for the cocktail table centerpieces.

Liberty House restaurant jersey city floristShort and tall centerpieces, complex colors such as raspberry and blackberry colors, beautiful garden blooms and a whimsical style of design set in sparkling glass vases decorated the Liberty House Restaurant.

This is a really cute picture of me trying to cut a wood branch for this centerpiece. We strived to catch these complex color theory of raspberry and blackberry on a butter cream base while keeping it whimsical and contemporary.

Jersey City Wedding florist

liberty house florist
I just love this image as it welcomed guests into this splendid ball room.

This is one new tradition that Liberty House brought to their weddings: fire sparkles at the end of the night.

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