What to Do with those Gourds

Last week we had a really exciting wedding that I am thrilled to share with you.

The greatness of this one fabulous wedding is that it took place on Halloween night and although we did miss the candy hunts and all the 75 kids that stopped at our door (as we were told by the one family member in charge with the Myer house Halloween), we did not miss carving pumpkins, lots and lots of pumpkins, 15 to be exact and working with tons of orange and creepy flowers such as the scary Pincushions and Circus roses.

Here are two images of the the centerpieces we delivered on Sunday.


Liberty house wedding flowers by Hoboken Florist

Spent the whole Friday carving the numbers into these pumpkins.


Liberty house Holloween wedding flowers

The white pumpkins were such lovely vases.

Holloween flowers

Pin cushions are pretty spooky flowers, or are they flowers at all?


This little lady has been enjoying the wedding in her own way since last week. She has been eating pumpkin caps, pumpkin goo and lots and lots of pumpkin seeds that were cleaned out of our 15 pumpkin centerpieces.

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4 thoughts on “What to Do with those Gourds

  1. Thanks for your help,
    I have an abundance of gords this year and I’m not sure as to how I should let them dryout and not freeze them in the process, what should I do?
    Thanks JLH

    • Hi JLH, the best thing to do with the gourds if they are still intact, that is, not cut or gutted, is to extract the seeds and dry/roast them in the oven. I am sure that the commercial gourd is not good enough for pumpkin pie, but those seeds will be delicious in a salad or even for the little creatures outside your door.

  2. Thanks for the information on the seeds,we have never thought of that.. BUT– how should I let them (the gourds) dry-out and yet not let them freeze while outside?

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