Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek

Two week to Valentine’s Day. OOhh, the excitement!!!! This year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day out of our new Shop at 519 Adams St. in Hoboken and we hope that everyone will come to get their flowers from us. We are especially excited since we already have orders for the day from a lot of our grooms. Limelight brides are going to have a blast!!

Here is a sneak peek of our offerings:


Dozen roses hoboken

Rose Variety in red, pink and white. Prices between $59 for a dozen and $170 for three dozens.

And for those that are into more subtle messages:


Valentine flowers Hoboken and Jersey City

Calla lilies in a short vases in a variety of colors priced from $45 for 8 stems to $95 to 18 stems

Valentine tulips hoboken jersey city

White, pink and red tulips priced from $49 for 20 stems to $99 for 50 stems

And of course, the immortal, unforgettable and ultimately gorgeous Phalaenopsis and Lady Slipper Orchids.


Hboken jersey City flowers orchids

Lady Slipper Orchids, green and burgundy, priced from $65 for single plants to $95 for double plants.

Order your Valentine’s Day flowers before February 10th and receive free DELIVERY and GODIVA CHOCOLATES with your flowers.

Yes, we are sweet like that:)!!

CALL NOW! 551-655-3195 to place your order.

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