Roses, Roses and Anemones.

Valentine’s Day. One man’s desperation, another man’s pure glory, and sometimes, another’s chance to reunite. Oh, and then all the stress of being the complete silly guy and show up with grocery store roses and messing up with that. Don’t I deserve more? Is this how much you love me? Ghhhaaa! Frustration.

But at Limelight, we only had heroes, geniuses, great lovers, fabulous husbands, carrying husbands who placed orders two weeks in advance, smart guys who called to have their flowers put aside for 8.00 PM pick ups, sweet honey-bunches who made sure to include chocolates with their Cuddly Valentine Gifts, secret lovers with elusively absent messages. Lots of lucky ladies out there! Lot’s of imposing double dozens, if not triple, gloriously walking into wowed out offices, lot’s of super-mothers trying to handle babies and flowers in the same time, late night surprises and a lot of good, healthy fun. And we even had time for lunch:)

Hoboken Florist

Jersey City Florist

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