How Popular is Purple this Year?

How Popular is Purple this Year? Incredibly popular I say. Maybe it is because it is close to the always elusive and impossible to reach blue, or maybe it is because it has so many facades spilling in pinks, lavender, and magenta, or maybe because David’s Bridal has a sale on purple  dresses.:) No matter what the correct answer is or why every one of my brides ends up in the elusive and promising arms of purple, I find myself buying a ton of Blue Water roses, purple iris and lisianthus.

Here is a small and humble example of how purple was used in this week’s wedding at Limelight Floral.

First, we have the bridal bouquet. Still traditional, still white, clean and contemporary and most of all, romantic. With a shade of lavender.

Lavender and white bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet featured local white peonies, Blue Bird lavender roses, lavender freesias and white and purple lisianthus.

Then come the 10 bridesmaids, strong little ladies, flirting with jewel tones of dark purple, blue and just a little bit of cream.

Liberty House Restaurant Wedding

Strong statements for a Sunday afternoon wedding.

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