The Jelly Cats are Here

Hoboken Jellycats

The new JellyCat collection arrived last week and we would not resist taking a look inside before displaying it on shelves.

So when we opened the boxes, here is what or whom we met: some Bashful Beige Bunnies (truth is, we used to have lots and lots of these frolicking around the store, and then Easter came last year and because the tend to be very good with little hands covered in chocolate, 20 of them went out the door whistling). We then found some Bashful chocolate Bunnies (again, bunnies and chocolate), some Bashful Monkeys, Honey Bears and Woodland Babe Racoon. A regular forest here, I tell you, with nugget bears (huge heads, people, fish lens huge heads), delicious Woodland Babe Bunnies and a really creepy Casper Cat (more like the ones you see on the street and want so badly to take in).

I know, I know, we are a flower store, and a flower store we are, i repeat to my 5 and 6 year old customers tormenting me over what new Jelly Cat we have, what special order they can place, and Mam, pretty, pretty please, can I see the catalog again. Yes, we are a flower store, but isn’t it joyful to double up as a little forest for all these critters:)

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