Pastels at Maritime Parc

With such a clean and white space as the Maritime Parc, it is very easy to incorporate any color on the pallette. But the most subtle and astonishing one, I think, must be white and blush pink in a sweet, sweet display of femininity.

 NJ Wedding Flowers Limelight Floral Design Wedding ceremony decor Maritime Parc Jersey City NJ by Jersey City wedding florist

This was a simple, fairy type of wedding ceremony where groupings of candles and blush petals waited for the bride to come down the aisle.

 NJ Wedding Flowers Limelight Floral Design Wedding ceremony small flower arrangement at Martime Parc jersey City wedding by Limelight Floral DesignThis gorgeous arrangement of hydrangeas, dahlias, O’Hara roses and touches of Phalaenopsis Orchids was perfect as the one and only floral detail in this wedding ceremony. We enjoyed a lot letting our talent and wild eye take us to a scary and almost out of this world design called freestyling. It is a scary moment for us, letting ourselves drift with the blooms, losing control and then at the end, when everything falls into place, stepping back and saying: ahhhhhh!

 NJ Wedding Flowers Limelight Floral Design White and blush pink bridal bouquet wedding flowers by Limelight FLoral Design, Hoboken Florist Maritime Parc Jersey City Wedding

The bridal Bouquet was a very simple a clean joy as well, Cream Majolica Roses, Those devilish O’Hara roses and small jewels of white Stephanotis here and there. Simple, gorgeous and perfect for a sunny October day when you do not want to give autumn it’s cold, rusty dues.

 NJ Wedding Flowers Limelight Floral Design White and pink rose centeprieces in low vases at Maritime Parc wedding by Limelight Floral design Hoboken Florist

Ahh, and then there were the centerpieces, tons and tons of white Majolica roses, Sweet Akitos and more pik Majolicas in short, sturdy and almost invisible vases due to the shear amount of roses.

 NJ Wedding Flowers Limelight Floral Design White Dahlias and foliage at Maritime Parc Wedding by Limelight Floral Design Jersey City Wedding Florist

On the way to the exit, as we left this wedding in the hands of the talented staff of the Maritime Parc, we stopped to take one last glance at our welcoming arrangements, the small detail that would set the tone of tonight’s party.

As I was writing this post, an email came from the bride and I am very proud to quote it here:

I wanted to say thank you for the absolutely breathtaking flower arrangements for my wedding on October 13. Even with arranging long-distance and never meeting in person, everything came out exactly as I had envisioned it. I had a chance to see the upstairs ceremony room and the reception room before all the guests had arrived and I’m glad I did because it was overwhelmingly beautiful. I am so pleased, it was so easy working with you. I received prompt replies and in-depth listing of everything. All within my budget as well. Thank you again, I will be posting a review online as well. You made my wedding spectacular!

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