Downton Abbey Flowers – Stumbled Upon

Since it is Friday and my weekend Netflix has arrived, I am completely ready to spend a quiet weekend (no weddings this weekend, only bridal appointments), again, a quiet weekend with a kitty on my lap watching Downton Abbey, episode after episode, devouring the whole 3 episodes on DVD.

Ahh, but I am still a floral designer and every time a scene presents flowers, I need to jump and take notes.

Here are some flowers that impressed me in this episodes.

Downton Abbey flowers wedding

Image from here.

Ferns, ivy and other greens holding forsythia and Lily of the Valley. Mary holding a bouquet of Calla lilies, which by then should have been in fashion. 1920 have always loved callas.

Image from here.

Edith’s wedding seemed to be a little “budget” oriented if I may say, as her bouquet features local flowers such as peach roses, freesias and spray roses.

Image from here.

Gorgeous, isn’t it, especially given the fact that these flowers must have historically been brought from all over the village, each garden owner having sold or given their flowers for these arrangements. Now that is local!

Image from here.

A nosegay bouquet from Mr. Bates on the day he weds Anna.

Image from here.

I just love this little delicate trumpet set behind the dinning table.

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