We’ve Made it Out Dry

Wow, it has been hard, cold, dark and unpleasant, but we have made it out dry. Hurricane Sandy was not a pleasant adventure, but something good did come out of this experience. We have developed relationships with our neighbours, shared cups of tea, gathered at the street’s corner to discuss heat and food solutions in the lack of electricity, took long walks and did not waste car rides in the lack of gasoline.

We have also picked up, processed, designed and delivered a wedding, which was a wonderful surprise even for us. Because with Hoboken under water, we found it in ourselves to move the whole wedding process in our family home. We used our last half a tank of gasoline to take it to the venue and the venue at Rockleigh was wonderful enough to fire up their generators and make somebody’s dream come true. Yay to us, the ones who work hard in the dark and cold for a dream of beauty.



Limelight Floral Design bridal bouquet Rockleight Country Club wedding

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