More Classes Coming Soon – December and February

Flowers for the home

Creating beautiful flower arrangements at home does not require an in-depth knowledge of floristry. This two hour class will guide you through a few simple and practical designs perfect for the home; be it for the hallway, kitchen or dining table.
Join us this year on one of our ever popular and truly magical Christmas Classes.
This year we are offering two hour classes where you will learn how to create your own stunning door wreath from scratch, your own mantle or table swag and a fresh flower arrangement.

Class Dates and Availability

  • $55 Christmas Door Wreath – Sat.  December 15 11.00 AM
  • $65 Fresh Flowers for the Christmas – Sat.  December 22 11.00 AM
  • $55 Spring Celebration in Vase – Sat. February 2 11.00 AM
  • $65 Dutch Inspiration – Thursday, March  9 11.00 AM
  • $65 Peony Glam – Thursday, May  11 11.00 AM
Register today
diy-christmas-wreath hoboken nj floral design class

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