Nanina’s, oh Nanina’s

A couple of weeks ago we first set foot into Nanina’s in the Park. Oh, Nanina’s… first of all, the food is impressive, dramatic if I may say, from the insane Prosciutto tower, to the little fruit garnish on every platter leaving the kitchen… oh, and the delicious Zeppoles! – especially the Oreo ones, don’t ask how we know.

Anyway, back to us and our trouble making ways in the world. This particular wedding was simply fun and exciting, love for candles, pearls and more candles… or was it more pearls? We had the opportunity to once again bring out into the world our superb candelabras and adorn them with yards and yards of pearl strands, drop pearls into vases and floating candles, put pearls in bouquets and corsages. We were so blessed to have had the help of the amazing Nanina’s staff, who assisted us with lighting the candles and provide superb service with the break-down. We also had the immense pleasure of working with Jessica OH photography, who took pictures of everything, including the throwing of the petals and gave everyone her signature style… animal props. I promised myself this will be all about Nanina’s, but how can i not be amazed at this picture here:

Bride and groom, funny

Jessica Oh! Photography

First, the bridal bouquet: roses, freesias and ranunculus looked superb in combination with costume broches and pearl strands. The groom wore a white ranunculus and was followed by groomsmen with white majolica roses boutonnieres.

bridal Bouquet of white roses, freesias, ranunculus with braoches and pearl strands by Hoboken Jerey City florist for Nanina's in the park wedding

roses and mums bridesmaids boquets

boutonnieres of majolica roses

Limelight Floral Design wedding flowers boutonniere

Limelight Floral Design hoboken jersey city  rental candelabras at Nanina's in the Park wedding

wedding at nanina's in the park by Hoboken Jersey city florist

wedding at nanina's in the park by Hoboken Jersey city florist floating candles with pearls

Centerpieces were as pearly as everything else, with our great Silver candelabras, floating candles and small accent arrangements of Majolica and Hydrangeas.

We loved working with the bride and groom and were so delighted to finally work with Nanina’s in the Park, of whom we have heard so many legends. Equally excited about finally meeting Jessica Oh! Photography. We can’t wait for her to provide us with some superb professional pictures of this wedding.

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