Rain and Dripping Orchids – Liberty House Wedding

We are still pretty pumped about this weekend’s wedding, a small and gorgeous gathering at the Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ, our backyard and play ground, if I may say. First of all, you should know that June 7, the day I am describing here, was the Hurricane Andrea day, second of all, rain usually ruins everyone’s day, but mostly a bride’s day. But please know that rain brings prosperity, it wets the fields and helps the grain, thus being a great omen for a wedding day.

While we wait for pictures from Wedding Central Photography, we would like to share with you just a couple of pictures of our day. Warning: some gorgeousness is to follow:

Tall arangements with dripping orchids and snapdragonsThese are the arrangement for the guest tables, waiting patiently for the ceremony to end and for us to place them on tables.

Limelight Floral Design Hoboken jersey City wedding florist at Liberty house restaurant wedding decorCenterpieces everywhere, candy, flowers, and the worst Andrea Hurricane out the window.

ImageWe took break about half way, drove to downtown Jersey City and, while dripping wet, we had a most decadent crepe on Newark Ave. At the end of the day though, we had to go back to wok and put together the following decor for our wedding.

Liberty House Restaurant Jersey City NJ wedding flowers and decor

Liberty House Restaurant Jersey City NJ wedding flowers and decor white rochid arrangementsAll in all, despite a ferocious Andrea Hurricane, we had a fabulous day, the wedding came up as gorgeous as we hoped for, and the spirits remained high.

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