Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

We have just had the pleasure of receiving a couple of pictures from a very dear bride of ours from a very near past. This was a glorious wedding, featuring tons of Orchids, Eiffel Towers, Candles and …wait more Orchids.

The wedding took place at the exquisite and elegant Pleasantdale Chateau, with it’s large Ballroom, dark corners and beautiful antique furnishings.

bridesmaids bouquets of purple roses and purple mokara orchids

Let us begin with the bridesmaids bouquets, little jewel toned contraptions of Blue Bird roses and Mokaras aptly decorated with red handles to match some funny painted red fingernails and vibrant blue dresses… I love it when my brides are themselves:)

Purple roses and mokara orchids bridesmaids bouquet on blue dresses

Here is my gorgeous bride, in her amazing dress, holding her exquisite bouquet of Roses and white Phalaenopsis orchids. A moment of rest before the greatest night of her life. Oh, I remember like ti was yesterday, our great search for the most perfect cascading phalaenopsis orchid bouquet design. Not too cascading, but not too tight, breathy, but not breezy, white, white and more white, and not so many roses. Yep, guilty as charged, I do indeed lose sleep over the perfect bouquets.

Bride with Phalaenopsis orchid bouquet at pleasantdale Chateau NJ wedding

Bride walking down the aisle with white orchid cascading wedding bouquet Hoboken NJ

Here are some pictures from the Party as well. Of course, more orchids, all from Vietnam and Philipines, purple and pink, Mokara and Phalaenopsis. I really love working with orchids, in fact I feel more like the orchids are working with me, since I actually do not work all that hard. Just drop them in the vase, let them fall at their speed and follow their own movement, always cascading, as if a little humble, yet so very proud.

Seating Card table with orchid centerpiece at Pleasantdale Chateu Wedding

The centerpieces on guest tables followed the same concept, liberated, non obstructed, free flowing and elegant Phalaenopsis orchids.

White orchid centerpieces for wedding by Hoboken Jersey City NJ wedding florist

As you can see, I love Phalaenopsis orchids with all my heart. I love them so much, that I almost felt guilty about having them cut and put in water. The only thing that does give me joy though, is the knowledge that taking the flowers did not kill the plants, and not these plants are making new, long and lavish flowers. Because the stems are not the roots and the roots are the very soul of the plant.

Sweetheart table centerpieces at pleasantdale chateu wedding nj florist

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