Winter’s Coming – Prepare Your Mittens

Winter’s coming – prepare your mittens and look at these gorgeous white roses. We need lists like these from time to time just to remember the glory of summer … lordy, do I love my job!


From Fleurty Flowers  Blog… love them… so much effort into putting this together.

We are not preparing for yet another glorious Thanksgiving Floral Design Class. It is so confusing for me. It is November. I go to the Flower Market to buy tulips. Yes, tulips in November. But everyone there is preparing for Christmas, trees are coming in, red berry branches are massing in the corners, and carols are all over the speakers. White branches everywhere.

I pick up my tulips. We have been making our Winter Tulips four or five times a week now, so we need a whole more tulips around the studio these days. Tulips make me happy. I enjoy them against the crispiness outside, the cozy warmth of the studio and the salad like leafiness when we are done cleaning them… so crisp, so new and temperamenta, like a new born.


Meanwhile, in another corner: Peonies… WhhhhhaaaaTTTT? Either scary of spectacular…. oh, the world is moving so fast around us. And we just stay in place, watching the seasons collide in a Japanese Four Seasons cart.

ImageAnd then, this:


Yummmm! Wait, don’t eat them… extremely pretty and poisonous!

It feels as if we canceled autumn.

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